Saturday, December 14, 2013

out with the old, in with the new

I had some non-fiber priorities consuming my time the last couple of months, but I've taken care of them and have come out unscathed on the other side. In my mind, I like to think I "opened up a can" on all of my projects, but the truth is that life just got in the way of fiber. I hate when that happens.

Finally, I can focus on fiber and get back to blogging. I felt like the blog needed a face lift so I changed it up a bit. And...and this is a big AND...I merged my web and blog addresses into one. Boring, I know, but it was driving me nuts having a website ( and a blog ( Now, I am just However, if you enter the blog address you will still get to me. Here. Where you are at right now!

Seems simple enough but it took me two weeks, yes TWO weeks to get that accomplished. It is actually very easy, but I made it very painful. It's hard to believe I used to work for a library software company in Chicago! Apparently, I left all my tech skills behind...way behind. But all is good now and I feel as one with my web site and blog.

During my hiatus, I started experimenting with dolls. Specifically, primitive dolls, which involve sewing, stuffing, painting, and embellishing. This is a very, very unusual departure for me, as I have never considered myself a "doll person." Just do a "Google" on primitive dolls. The history is very interesting and the dolls are amazing.

Primitive doll doesn't necessarily mean human. In fact, a lot of primitive dolls are animals such as cats, scarecrows, frogs, etc.

Here is my first primitive cat. It is made from osnaburg, similar to muslin, which is wonderful to work with. I cut, stitched, stuffed, then painted the cat body. Then I sanded it (yes, with sandpaper) to roughen it up and give it a worn look. The eyes were added, and, of course, I had to knit a little dress with some of my handspun and a dyed button. I love the little lace peeking out from under her dress.

This is my second primitive cat. Made the same way. Her dress is made from some a handspun wool/angora blend. It's super soft and has that "halo" from the angora. I guess the halo effect is appropriate as she is supposed to be an angel. However, I don't think the wings are too successful. Either they need to be chopped off or maybe they need more embellishment. Hmm. Thoughts?

 I love these little dolls. They're about 11 1/2 inches tall. Sometimes I call them Annabelle and sometimes I call them Lucy. My husband calls them aliens because of their eyes. How rude is that?! My brother calls them puppets, which they are not. But I'll get the last laugh. I am making my brother an 18 inch blue doll with dreadlocks. It. Is. Cool. I kid you not. All I have left on the big blue puppet is to make his outfit. I will post pics when he is done.


  1. those are adorable!!! love ya, Lori

  2. Very cool, Cassie! I imagine there is a huge group of collectors out there who would love to own these cats um Annabelle or Lucy!