Friday, July 12, 2013

when ugly meets the rigid heddle loom

In my previous post, I was whining about a yarn dye job gone bad! The dye colors went way to the pastel side. It was not to my liking at all and, I had eight skeins of it!! Uggh. I thought it was very, very ugly.

To save you from scrolling, here is the picture again of the original pastel-dyed yarn followed by the same yarn overdyed brown, black, and burgundy, respectively.
I was really happy with the brown and black and only so-so satisfied with the burgundy. It was a little too dark. Since my yarn stash is growing by leaps and bounds, I thought I should use a couple of the skeins for a quick rigid heddle loom project.

A rigid heddle loom as only one heddle. However, you can use a second heddle (if your loom is so designed) or a pick-up stick to expand your design possibilities. I went with the pick-up stick to create a pattern with weft and warp floats. (Weft being the horizontal yarns and warp being the vertical yarns.)

For my project, I used the burgundy yarn as the warp and black yarn as the weft. For you weavers out there, the pick-up pattern was two under and two over. I think it turned out really well and I like the contrast of the two colors.

Next up? I am working on a handwoven-shibori-felted piece using local handspun. The loom is already warped so I hope to give an update soon.

Have a great Friday! Don't forget to look for the fiber artists at your local farmer's market tomorrow!

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