Monday, July 1, 2013

dye...and dye again!

If first you don't succeed...try and dye again!

I recently dyed some millspun yarn and was really unhappy with the results. The 100% wool single turned out too light for my taste (top skein). I dyed it using yellow sun, amethyst, and peacock. I like saturated colors and the skein is just too "pastely".

I overdyed several of the skeins. From top to bottom: Skein 1, original pastel; Skein 2, overdyed with brown; Skein 3 overdyed with black; and Skein 4, overdyed with burgundy.

I really like the middle two -- the brown and black overdyed skeins. The burgundy is pretty, but a little dark. I have two more pastel skeins left, so I think I will try a dark blue--maybe navy and night shadow. The overdyeing has added some depth and more interest to the the yarn and will be beautiful knitted or crocheted. However, I'm eyeing a couple of these for my own handwoven project. So much yarn, so little time!

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