Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hucky gets a haircut and babies are born!

Thanks to the cool spring, we've been able to delay shearing our three Angora goats. Of course, if you read between the lines, what I am really saying is that the cool weather is allowing us to be lazy about it...real lazy!

However, all the Huck fans out there will be glad to know that he has been shorn of his lovely mohair locks...and they are beautiful this year. Huck is about seven years old, but his fleece is still super fine. This year it is a really light grey, so it's going to be beautiful overdyed.

It took two days to shear our Huck, because it had to be done in the evening after work. As you can tell from the picture below, he was really happy about it...especially when we trimmed his hooves and gave him his shots.

Hucky with his mad face!
In addition to enjoying the crazy livestock in our own backyard, we've been monitoring a robin mama who built a nest right outside our kitchen window. Sometime since Friday the babies were born.

We just noticed the baby robins within the last hour. I love that the robin mama has incorporated a long white chicken feather in her nest--it must come from our rooster, Wasabi.

Baby robins and goat haircuts...yep, it's springtime.


  1. I love spring on your farm, Cassie! Your spring beats mine - Harleys booming by the house, seagulls returning to the beach and Florida motor homes taking up residence in their summer park. Yup, it's spring in Grand Haven, too.