Sunday, April 28, 2013

market madness

Spring weather has finally arrived in the Midwest -- beautiful sunshine and 60F degree. I spent the morning holed up in my studio trying to get everything organized for the farmer's market. That's right! We start the market again this less than a week. Eeeeekkk!

I didn't get nearly as much yarn spun as I wanted to over the winter, but I'm still feeling pretty good about my market inventory. Or, at least, let's say I'm not in full panic mode But check back on Friday night as that's when I usually have my market meltdown.

We'll also have knitted animals, cat toys, hot pads, "green" laundry soap, and, of course, our wool dryer balls. Thanks to my mom's creative efforts, we'll be selling some really cute wool dryer balls this year. I've also added dryer balls made from alpaca to the mix.

Eggs? We've already been contacted by a few of our regular egg customers. And, yes, we'll be there with lots of eggs from our free-range, pasture-raised hens. Duck eggs, too. The geese (Coco and Iris) have yet to lay any eggs, but all of those are to go to a local artist.

In other spring news, the sheep have been sheared. Fifty-five pounds of skirted Shetland wool! We're behind on shearing the Angora goats and our llama, but that will/needs to happen within the next two weeks. Our mohair is not for sale this year; however. It is either going to the processor or is reserved for other fiber artists.

See you Saturdya, May 4th at the Iowa City Farmer's Market. The market opens at 7:30AM...come early, real early, if you want eggs! :)

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