Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's good to have friends...

Last week, my friend Corinne from Crosswinds Farm came over for a "Dye Day". We fired up the dye pots and dyed batches of roving to spin into beautiful yarns.

I told Corinne to bring over some wool to dye. This is about about 1/3 of what she brought. She even left a "little" in her truck.

While we waited for the roving to "cook", I conveniently pulled out the drum carder and showed Corinne how to use it. I said things like: "It's real easy. Why don't you try it?" Then, after she had the momentum going and practiced carding some of her own wool, I brought out a big bag of my dyed roving.

Corinne made beautiful "bumps" of color for me to spin.

The roving turned into some gorgeous yarn. Even the swatch was so pretty that I incorporated it into the beginnings of a baby blanket instead of throwing it into my drawer. (You know the drawer that turns everything invisible.)


Thanks, Corinne!

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