Saturday, January 26, 2013

My own personal palooza!

I've been up since 4AM. I'm simply excited about fiber today. I have a big new fiber project (highly confidential, top secret, secret handshakes, to be revealed later). I need to spin yarn for the farmer's market and make wool dryer balls for a co-worker.

And I have loads of wonderful fibers from local small fiber folks. Jacobs wool, Shetland, alpaca, and Blue Faced Leicester (BFL). The BFL is an array of colors. It was drying by the woodstove last night, my husband looked at it and his mouth dropped open. That's how gorgeous it is and oh so soft. The pictures absolutely do NOT doing this fleece justice.


BFL close-up.
I've been washing fleeces all week. Today I am working the drum carder and spinning wheel. And maybe brewing another pot of coffee.

Also have a yarn order to ship out and at some point I need to turn a pink ball of yarn into a spider for very special market customer. The customer's granddaughter is terrified of spiders, but has requested a friendly one in pink. :)

So if you're wanting dinner at my house this weekend, I hope you don't mind PBJ.

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