Saturday, December 8, 2012

A little of this; a little of that.

The purpose of taking time off from the farmer's market this winter was to fill up my Etsy store. I haven't been very successful. It seems like two steps forward and twenty steps backward!

I've washed fleeces, dyed locks, and spent a lot of quality time with the drum carder, but no new handspun yarns yet. I have about three pounds of a Shetland/alpaca/mohair blend roving calling my name and saying: Spin me!

Maybe it's a bit of spinner's burn out, because I've been happily crocheting and knitting. So far, I've finished a baby blanket, booties, and newborn mittens. I've also knitted a donkey, a bunny, and part of a cat. It's a big fat blue cat that still needs all its limbs--maybe he'll get them tomorrow.

Here is Mr. Bunny sitting on the bench. It's a YarnMiracle pattern from Ravelry. I've adapted the original pattern a bit, but he is still oh so cute.

Then, first thing this morning, I was feeling kind of purpley. Before my first cup of coffee, I pulled together all my purple handspun and fired up the ridig heddle loom.

I decided to go with the corespun yarn for a long scarf. The warp is hand-dyed commercial yarn. So far I'm loving the texture!

And, I think I'll just weave the day away and forget about the pile of roving that won't spin itself!

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