Tuesday, October 16, 2012

By George!!

Yes, I've been quiet on the blogosphere; however, things have been anything but quiet around here.

October is the last month for the farmer's market and everyone is thinking holiday gifts, so I am busily keeping up my inventory. We've had true fall weather, too. One Saturday it was 28F and the next we had high 60Fs, thunderstorms and wind. Two more Saturdays then we're taking a market break until next year.

Through the fall and winter, I'll be concentrating on my Etsy store and fulfilling custom orders. Right now, I have four pounds of custom spinning, a knitted handspun dog sweater and matching hat for the owner, and knitted monkey on my custom order list.

I won't even go into the list of unfinished projects and a major house cleaning that needs to be done...because I know a lot of you are in the same boat.

On a recent Tuesday, I was pondering all the things I needed to do, while lazily sitting on the couch and drinking coffee, when one of my neighbors appeared in the driveway. We'll call him Neighbor A. Neighbor A shouts at the house for me to come out and see what's in his truck. Normally, he brings me bushels of fresh produce from his garden, so imagine my surprise when I looked into the bed of the truck and saw a wee bunny crammed into a wee cage.

Neighbor A, who is disabled with a very limited income, said that Neighbor B gave him the bunny for dinner. However, Neighbor A stated that there was no way he could eat said bunny after looking into those big brown eyes. Neighbor A said: "And you know I can't afford to keep him, so I'm bringing him to you."

Of course, my heart totally broke at the sight of this bunny in his cage and my neighbor's plight. Then and there, we became bunny owners. PLEASE NOTE: I am not, and was not, in the market for another animal, so don't call, email, or drop off any of your unwanted or extra critters, please! My pasture and pocketbook are already spoken for!! I took this little guy in thinking at the very least I would have him humanely euthanized, if necessary. I couldn't let an animals suffer, so I agreed to take him in.

As the story began to unravel, Neighbor B's daughter was raising bunnies for show or breeding or 4H or something and didn't want the bunny anymore. However, I think the truth of the matter is that the rabbit was becoming hard to care for. Here is a close-up of the bunny. You can see that his lower teeth are growing up and almost touch his nose.

I immediately transferred the rabbit to an XXL dog crate and gave him a bowl of water. Then I emailed my husband and said: "Bring home rabbit pellets, timothy hay, and a water bottle. And don't ask questions!" He emailed back: "I'm on it!"
Once we had him housed with food and water, I kept a constant vigil on him to see if he could eat and drink. Shortly before bed, I saw him eat a couple pellets and drink water form the bowel. One crisis averted. However, it took a good 24 hours before I saw rabbit "nuggets" and pee, which leads me to believe he had been without food or water for some time. I suppose since he was going to be dinner that there was no need to provide the basics.
Two days later, I had the rabbit at my small animal vet for a check-up and teeth trimming. The vet was amazed that he could eat because not only were his lower teeth overgrown, his upper teeth were long and growing backwards inside his mouth!! Additionally, I found out that he had an ear tattoo and was a neutered male. The vet gave the bunny two "thumbs up".
Home he came and we finally named him: GEORGE!
For lack of a better place to house him, George is living on the front porch. He has plenty of space to hop around and there's a lot of sunshine. He's not quiet litter trained but we're getting there...little tiny bunny steps.
A screen door separates the bunny from the cats and dogs. In another life, we had a free-ranging apartment rabbit that lived peacefully with our dog and cat. However, there's at least one (and probably two) of my cats that I don't completely trust.

Hmm, not sure about this bunny body language...perhaps it's the equivalent to flipping the bird!
 Here's Georgie in profile. Very handsome.
So, as you see, things have been kind of chaotic around here, but isn't that how it always goes?
George says: I'm seeing spots!

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