Friday, September 28, 2012

Get Stuffed!

I've been feeling frustrated lately that I cannot complete a single project!! Some folks call them UFOs (unfinished objects). I prefer to call them wips (works in progress). Because I am working on them. Just not this week, year, or century!

I won't even go into my NYS (not yet started) projects. Suffice it to say that my head is full of ideas, my yarn stash is out of control, my completed projects are at null, and handmade holiday gifts are non-existent.

To ease my stressed mind, I decided to attempt a small project. Something that 1) could be completed in an evening, OR 2) produced quick results.

First up...eyeballs! Yes, eyeballs. I love, love, love Halloween. And this project uses up the teeny tiniest scraps. Do a quick Google and you'll find loads of patterns for knitted, crocheted, and felted eyeballs. 

I knitted up a bunch of eyeballs from this pattern. I modified it by adding an "optic nerve" using some leftover handspun, hand-dyed Ingeo yarn.

(The eyeballs and everything on this page are stuffed with polyester fiberfill; however, there are more eco-friendly stuffings available.)

The spider is a modified version of a YarnMiracle pattern on Ravelry. My modifications include making the legs half size so I can cram this sweet spider into a specimen jar. I also added the hand-dyed button eyes with glow-in-the-dark thread. I also used the thread for the mouth. Bwahahahaha!!! Scared yet?!

Wow! Two completed projects within the week. I was on a roll so I dared myself to go bigger.

First came the teddy bear! Teddy is knitted from handspun Jacob's wool using size 5 DPNs. I was really pleased with the results and it only took me a week of evenings to complete it.

Then came Mr. Kitty. I had some handspun, hand-dyed Romney that I called "candy corn". I thought it would make a perfect orange cat. I knitted up Mr. Kitty using size 9 DPNs so it was quick knit--again about a week of evenings to finish.

I was so proud of myself--I went from knitted eyeballs to an entire body! :)

I was now hooked on knitting these small projects and started reading everything online and in the bookstore on soft toys and amigurumi. Good grief! There are a tons of patterns, books, and blogs dedicated to these little creatures and objects.

Wanting to use my minimal crochet skills, I attempted something simple on a size 0 crochet hook! That is one small hook.

I have to admit that this was suppose to be an apple, but it turned into a red pear. In keeping with the amigurumi style, this pear is about the size of tangerine.

The pear was super quick so to keep the momentum going, I moved onto this jellyfish.

Don't let the tentacles scare you. This is actually a quick crochet project worked in two pieces then sewn together. I used a size E crochet hook. This "jelly" was made from natural-colored yarn; however, jellyfish come in a multitude of colors. And, I have a multitude of yarns, so more jellyfish are in my future.

I really enjoyed working on these small projects. Both the knitted soft toys and crocheted amigurumi have been a lot of fun. And you can use any yarn or any color...your imagination can really soar.

Now my problem is what to stuff next?! I can't decide between a flamingo, a pig, another jellyfish, or perhaps a blue cat. If you're on my holiday gift list, don't be surprised if you find a crocheted squid instead of knitted socks in your stocking this year!


  1. I had to laugh at your first two paragraphs. I could have written those, LOL! I love all your stuffers. My hubby sent me a link to a crochet pattern on Etsy that makes slippers shaped like German tanks. Considering that my crocheting skills are pretty poor I think it's probably beyond my abilities. But I think he really, really wants me to learn... Men!

    1. I had to look at the tank slippers. My dog's would love them! :)

  2. They are all adorable, but I LOVE THAT KITTY!!!!!

  3. Ellie says: ROGER! He's sitting with a bear!

    Nice work - the candy corn is PERFECT!

    1. I sold Roger the cat at the market yesterday. Others stopped to look at it, including someone that follows the blog. She said: Is that the Yarn Miracle pattern? :)

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