Sunday, September 23, 2012

Au revoir, Pierre.

Pierre died yesterday. We had to euthanize him due to a urinary obstruction. We will miss him dearly. He was our first fiber animal purchased eight years ago. We tested and honed our husbandry skills on him. He was very patient with us and never held a grudge, um, except against me.

Big time.

Pierre despised me with a capital D. He never charged or attacked me, but he constantly tried to intimidate me. I never ever turned my back on him. In spite of my best efforts, he trapped me in the chicken coop a time or two. Oh, yes, I will remember those times!

We never considered getting rid of Pierre. He loved and bonded to my husband. They definitely had a mutual admiration society...a private club for two.

Pierre had the most amazing fiber. It was very coarse in its raw state but washed up into a silky, gleaming white mohair. He was very cosmopolitan. I sold his fiber to a multimedia artist in Los Angeles and to a woman in South Africa. Very upscale he was.

Pierre's obstruction totally blind-sided me. I have another goat, Walter, with intermittent urinary stones, so I am constantly watching him for blockages. We only feed our goats grass (hay or pasture), but wethered goats are prone to this condition. I guess I was looking the other way when Pierre was hit with it, too.

A skein of wool and Pierre.
On Friday evening, I noticed Pierre wasn't outside grazing with the other animals. I knew two things: something was wrong with him and emergencies always strike when the vet clinic is closed! Fortunately, I had supplies on hand to begin to treat him immediately. I also have a good relationship with my large animal vet. He had three emergencies ahead of us, but I was able to talk to him by phone and pick up some additional (very strong) meds from the clinic after hours. The vet's office is a 40 mile drive round trip--I made it there and back in record time!

Pierre was in pain, but there was no way I could handle him by myself to give him the injections. Of course, my husband was out of town. However, I have the most amazing neighbor, who came to my rescue immediately without question. It seemed like the stars were aligning in my favor. Sadly, they were not.

By Saturday morning, Pierre was totally blocked. The pain meds were wearing off and he was obviously in pain. And, my llama, Izaak was humming. Llama's hum to let you know that something is amiss.

 In charge of the pasture and letting me know it with that look!
Due to his age and personality, Pierre was not a good candidate for surgery so we chose to euthanize him. In the end, I was finally able to get close enough to Pierre to hold him in my lap. I am going to believe that we made amends during his final moments. Although, you and I both know that Pierre would not have seen it that way.

Pierre will continue to be with us always. He is the face of Farm Genevieve. His image graces my business card and that will never change.

Bon voyage and Godspeed, Pierre. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Say hello to Belle, Nigel, Tipper and...well, you know, the rest of the gang that journeyed ahead of us. We miss you all and hold you close in our hearts.
Pierre with his friend and guardian, Izaak.
His last morning. His last picture.
Au revoir, Pierre, au revoir.


  1. RIP Pierre! Cassie I am so sorry for your loss!!!

  2. Yes, RIP Pierre. This is such a sad story, Cassie. You are fortunate to have had Pierre in your life, even though he may not have felt so!

  3. Oh, Pierre. Cassie I am so sad for your loss, but I am glad that you have so many memories to keep in your heart.