Friday, August 24, 2012


You may (or may not) have noticed my commitment to "au naturale" yarns lately. I have been trying to fill my Etsy store with humanely-raised fibers and thus far it has only been naturally-colored yarns.

I simply have not had a desire or thread of inspiration to dye lately. However, last Sunday the weather was so beautiful and the sunlight so wonderful, I was determined to get some dyeing done!

Because my spinner's flock of Shetlands are all colored except for one, I really don't have a lot of wool that is "dye-worthy". However, a few weeks ago, I found a great source of humanely-raised white and grey wool that is pefect!

The wool is a Romney-mohair blend from a local farm family. And, to get out of my "no dye" funk, I purchased some great new colors to inspire me. I think the combinations turned out well...

As I said, Sunday was a beautiful day. Here is a picture of the blue yarn (pictured on the bottom above) while it is drying. I wanted to point out, not only the blue sky, but the dead tree in the background. Yes, that tree is dead as in D-E-A-D.

However, we have a family of prairie falcons that live with us year round and raise a new family each summer. And since it's rare for them to be this far, this is "their tree" it shall remain!

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