Friday, July 27, 2012

Bull Sssssssssssssssnake!

We recently noticed a big bull snake in our backyard. And I mean B-I-G in a five footer. It was big enough that I was scared to walk in the yard at night without a flashlight. You know, just in case the snake mistook me for a morsel.

So you can imagine my surprise (read horror!) when I went into the garage to get chicken food for my morning chores. There, wrapped around the garbage can, was Mr. Snake. Uggh. Of course I screamed bloody murder. Heck, you would, too, if you heard and saw the five-foot snake rattling his tail. Yes, bull snakes can make a rattling/vibrating sound!

The big guy stayed by the can all day. On the upside, I knew where he was. On the downside, I started to suspect that something was wrong. Finally, when the husband got home, we (read he) investigated further. As it turned out, in the entire 900 square foot garage, the snake found its way into a fishing net! (No Mensa membership for you, Mr. Snake.)

The following is a pictorial essay of the event. Please note that no animals were hurt, killed, or maimed during this process.


Still caught! Ouch.

The hands of a surgeon.
Note the blanket and weights  used to restrain the snake's head.
The snake was striking out and spitting yellow ooze.

And the audience held its collective breath waiting for the next move.

Still waiting to see what will happen next.
The chickens finally gave up and left the poor guy alone.
Of course, now I am left wondering...where will I see Mr. Snake next?


  1. How frightening! I've read that they are quite docile and some will get used to being handled, but most are agressively defensive, flatten their heads and pound their tails on the ground to mimic a rattlesnake's sound. They aren't poisanous, though...phew!

  2. Yeah! for letting him stick around (I admit a fondness for snakes;) And yeah to Steve for sacrificing his fishing net to free him:)

  3. ew, ew, a million times ew. :o/ Sadly, I don't think I would have been so friendly to him..

  4. Oh you are my heroes. It is that unexpected aspect of a snake's appearance that makes them so startling, isn't it? It's what you do after screaming bloody murder that counts, and you made great choices.

    1. I hope Mr/Ms Snake pays me back by taking care of mice. I know I shouldn't wish that, but I don't like rodents!

  5. I probably would have moved him a liiiittle farther from the house before I let him go. But the chickens seem to be able to handle the situation.

    I will never get over the giggle from that picture.