Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The competition continues...

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I have a college intern (Taylor) who is helping me out this summer. She's keeping me very, very busy. Not because she's a bother or anything, but because she's enthusiastic about fiber and she gets projects done. Yes, d-o-n-e.

This is a problem for someone such as myself, who, by nature, is a very competitive person. So, when my energetic intern showed up yesterday, I proudly showed her the cowl knitted from onion-dyed roving that I finished. Nani nani poo poo. I win. I win.

Well, she showed me! Taylor pulled out six skeins of art yarn from her bag, a knitted infinity scarf, and this extremely cute hat knitted from handspun Ingeo/corn yarn.
Not only did she knit it, she WROTE THE PATTERN for it, too!

Arrgh, foiled again!!!!!!!! I'd better rethink my moves for next week.


  1. I love them BOTH! And I'll soon be finished with I bag I handwove (yes, I'm taking a weaving class from a master-weaver in our village) out of handspun wool, and then I can show it off (or not). It's not done yet :-)

  2. Dawn your bags are sooo beautiful--can't wait to see the handwoven one. Wish I was at the loom this morning! :)

  3. I love that hat! So cute and looks incredibly soft

  4. The Ingeo is super soft. It's kind of squeaky before you wash it, but it gets softer with each wash.