Thursday, May 3, 2012

This Little Piggie Is Going To Market

The summer farmer's market season is almost upon us! This year I will be vending at the Iowa City Farmer's Market. I am super duper excited! There are about 100 people on the waiting list, so I'm thrilled that I made the cut. It's the 40th year of the market and a lot of special events are planned. It's going to be a fun market season for vendors and shoppers! I grew up in Iowa City, so I am looking forward to seeing all those folks who knew me in elementary school (omg) or worked with my mom way back when (double omg).

I've been a busy little elf with work, chores, and getting ready for the market. There will be handspun yarn.
Most of it is "locayarn" like this lovely skein of 50/50 wool and mohair. The wool is local Suffolk and the mohair is from my Angora goats. It turned out reaaaally nice. I have about three pounds of this fiber, so more skeins are to come.
I will also have some upcycled t-shirt yarn.
 And yarns dyed with natural dyes.
There will also be roving for spinners and felters...
...and-felted wool beads and hand-dyed buttons.
Of course, there will be wool dryer balls! I love, love these, and personally use them along with our handmade vegan laundry soap. If you use wool dryer balls and homemade laundry soap for one month you will notice a huge difference in your laundry...softer and cleaner!

Farm Genevieve will also have VEGAN laundry soap for sale.
As well as a "Go Green When You Clean" starter kit which includes wool dryer balls, vegan laundry soap, a vegan laundry stain stick, and a dryer sachet.

The dryer sachets are also sold separately. The sachets are filled with lavender. And while they are meant to be used in the dryer (in place of a scented dryer sheet), you can also use them to deodorize your car or gym locker. Lavender is a natural moth repellent, so you can also store one in draw of sweaters made from handspun yarn!
Cotton dishcloths and hotpads made from t-shirt yarn (what else!?) will be available.

Then I went a little crazier than normal and made these affordable, practical, and stylish market bags...from t-shirts!

I. Love. These. Why? Because you can throw them in the washer and dryer!

And last, but certainly not least, eggs! Yes, wonderful farm fresh eggs from our free range, pasture raised, happy hens!
See you at the market!! Be there or be square.

7:30 - 12:00


  1. Oh, how exciting! I'll look for you. If you ever get desperate for help, let me know. Justine worked as an intern for Wapsi-no-noc gardens last year helping at the markets so she is familiar with how things work- and she loves, loves, loves your yarn!

  2. You're eggs are BEAUTIFUL! Our egg lady brings us a similar mix - Ellie will only eat the blue ones. When I do scrambled eggs, I have to show her a blue shell before she will eat them.

    There are so many things to say about this post! The t-shirt bags are brilliant! I love your laundry kits!