Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring!

Meteorological spring arrived on March 1st. The first official day of spring was yesterday. However, in Iowa, we've been experiencing true spring-like weather for days and days. We've had temps into the 80s, thunderstorms, and flowers!
Our tulip tree in full bloom.
I know it's going to be an abnormal year, because we've already sheared the sheep. Not only sheared, but the fleeces are skirted and already mailed to the processor. Hello! Something must be wrong, because I'm ahead!

Here is Tomas, one of our seven Shetland sheep. Please note the homemade haircut...I shear them myself with hand shears.
People think I'm nuts for hand shearing. Well, I am nuts, but not for that! I love hand shearing. It allows me to examine the animals for any excessive winter wear and tear, trim feet, vaccinate, and stick my face in some lovely wool. If you're a fiber fanatic, you know what I mean when I say there's nothing like the smell of fresh fleece!

Here's Tomas off the hoof. And, good grief, the fleeces were clean and gorgeous. I only have seven sheep, but I got about 18 pounds of usable wool off of them this year. Can you say lots o' handspun yarn?!
Of course, it wouldn't be spring without, well, spring chickens! Wasabi is finally filling out as a rooster and just recently started crowing although he is around five months old. He's a beauty. And, yes, he's on the back deck.
Happy Spring, Everyone!


  1. Congratulations on getting your fleece off the sheep and sent to the processor so quickly. You are an inspiration! We had hot weather and thunderstorms here last week too -- I never thought I would see a sheep panting from the heat in March.

  2. I know, even our geese were panting! It's gonna be quite a year. And, I do make myself sound better than I really am. I still have three Angora wethers left. Uggh.