Monday, January 9, 2012

Rags Into Rugs

Well, we're a week into January and this is my first post of the New Year. I'm not off to a very good start. But my intentions are good, right? We've had a very mild winter so far. This morning we saw the remains of a full moon. Very pretty.

And there was a light frost on the ground...and the sheep.

But it was 50 degrees by noon! Incredible for this time of year.

And just as incredible, I've cut two rag rugs off of the loom! Wahoo. If you recall, I previously posted that I was determined to get my loom warped. Well, I got it warped and actually did something.

Here is rug no. 1. Um, yes it is square. Or should I say "squareish". I ran out of fabric in spite of all my pre-weaving calculations. I knew I would be a little short, but not this short! Sigh. We'll call it a sampler or rough draft.

Actually, it's been so long since I've sat at the loom, it was great to work out the kinks and remake some old mistakes. It's called the learning process. I'm good at learning...and re-learning! This rug was made from strips torn from commercial cotton fabric.

Rug no. 2 was a lot of fun to weave. I used hand-dyed muslin that I then cut into 1/2" strips. I absolutely love the way these smaller strips look in plain weave (that's the pattern used in both of these rugs).

The red and maroon strips are made from t-shirt yarn. I also posted about t-shirt yarn's one of my "new things"! :)

This rug is at least rectangular in shape (unlike rug no. 1); however, it has issues as well. A lot of the strip ends popped up. I am too lazy to sew the strip ends together, but in this case, I should have ironed them. Ah well, now I know!
I still have several yards of warp left on the loom, so I think I might do some placemats...hopefully, I will have enough fabric for four matching ones. If not, well, then I'll just call it shabby chic.


  1. I love the color of the t-shirt rugs. Did you dye any of that? Nice job.

  2. Thanks, Kathy. All the reds are "as is" t-shirts. There are actually three reds. The rest is muslin that I dyed two shades of blue and one green using RIT dyes. I really like the color combination as well.