Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Am NOT Thankful

It is Thanksgiving Eve and again I find myself faced with the dilemma of what to do today. Do I eat more or less in preparation for the big feast tomorrow?? I never know how to eat the day before Thanksgiving so that I am at maximum capacity for the big day.

While consumed with these thoughts, it occurred to me that I am the most thankless person I know! No, don't argue with is true. I need to try harder at being thankful all year long and not just limit it to one day a year.

So allow me a moment to express my thanks to those who make my life possible:

Picture courtesy of J. Buline.
 Thank you to the neighbor lady who locks up my precious poultry for me a couple times of year when the husband and I have a date. Thank you to her young assistant (at left) who requires only a goose egg as payment.

Thank you to my mother who doesn't understand the fiber world, but understands that I need and want Hello Kitty pajamas eventhough I'm middle aged.

Thank you to my husband for never asking why we have baby chicks on the porch or why a disassembled shelving unit, for my fiber shows, has been in our kitchen for a good two weeks  (maybe longer) or why I need more wool.

Thank you to my friends, who recognize that I am a loner who prefers animal companionship to humans, but they still invite me over for mint juleps and chili cook-offs.
Thank you to all the fibery folks who support my habit, support my business, and understand the concept of "just one more little sheep won't hurt a thing." Especially if that sheep has spots around the eyes and shares the same name as me!

Speaking of animals, thank you to my large animal vet, that squeezed my sick cat in today right before a euthanasia and a farm emergency. They were swamped prior to the holiday tomorrow, but handled everyone with efficiency and grace. Perhaps that is why he is Iowa's 2011 Vet of the Year!

Thank you to the stranger who showed me kindness by cutting off his cell phone call specifically to help me load chicken feed into my car. His random act of kindness helps restore my faith in humanity and reminds me to be thankful everyday for all the small things!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. And even if you don't celebrate the holiday, please give thanks tomorrow and everyday!


  1. I am thankful that you are still friends with me....especially after I realized that I am at fault for: The baby chicks on your porch, the "one (errr six) more sheep", and the disassembled shelves in you kitchen.......why is it that you are still friends with me?

  2. Funny, Corinne! I even edited the list of things I was thankful for so there are probably more things that you are responsible for! :)