Sunday, September 4, 2011

What Happens In Vegas...

...stays in Vegas. Right? Well, a wise journalist, and sheep owner, whom I met this summer, told me: "What happens in shearing, stays in shearing!" This was after I regaled her with my story about how a day of shearing at Farm Genevieve is typically followed by a couple of weeks of marital counseling! My journalist friend hinted that many a-curse words were said during their shearings as well.

It was good to know that I wasn't alone in my angst.

Shearing is stressful, because the animals have to be rounded up, secured, and many sharp tools are required. We do the shearing ourselves by hand with scissors (VERY sharp scissors) so it is a very time consuming process.

I do have a pair of very expensive electric shears with special camelid and mohair combs and blades, but I almost took my finger off not once but twice. I figured I could survive without a finger, but if I ever took off a tail or an ear, I could never live with myself. So off the shears will go to my old friend, Mr. Ebay!

As we own four Angora goats, we get to shear TWICE a year. Oh, joy. Yippee. So we started our fall shearing today and I think I can safely say that it went very, very smoothly. (Did I say that out loud?!)

Steve gives Huck a head trim.
Although it looks like he is clipping off the goat's ear...he is not!
No tears were cried, no animal or human blood shed, and no curse words slipped out! Okay, maybe one or two inappropriate things were said by a certain goat!

Huck says: What? This again? WT&^*(@@$)##%!
Get me out of this *&$^*__#&*%!! thing. NOW. Right now.
Pierre also got his semi-annual "hairs cut" as well.

Nice bell bottoms, dude.
Pierre is a really big boy. A chubby goat with very little patience. He quickly became tired of the shearing and absolutely refused to let us trim his back legs. We'll have to do a touch-up in a couple of weeks when we trim his hooves.

We gave ourselves a break and only did two goats. Tomorrow we will tackle Walter and Catie Patie. And, I have to admit that I am almost looking forward to it. (Did I say that out loud?!)

Why? Because both Pierre and Huck gave us the most amazing fleeces this shearing. There have been times when I have thrown out fleeces because it was too short or too dirty or just blech! Boy, oh boy, their fleeces this fall are just amazing. Beautiful.

I'm almost daydreaming about how exquisite their fleeces will be in the spring. And, I'm finding myself humming along to that Vegas tune. You know, the one by Frankie Sinatra: "The best is yet to come and won't that be fine"?!?!

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