Monday, August 22, 2011

If Einstein Were A Blogger: Ruminations on the Internet, Part One

Six years ago, my husband and I gave up our TV. Yes, as in television, cable, 1,001 satellite channels, the boob tube, etc. We have never looked back or regretted that decision. In fact, we have strengthened our marriage through the art of conversation.
  • Him: "What's for dinner?" Me: "Whatever you're making."
  • Me: "Did you call about the hay?" Him: "Was I supposed to do that?"
  • Him: "I think that's chicken p**p on your pants." Me: "Now, tell me something I don't know."  
It goes on and on; I think you get the picture.

Once in awhile, we touch upon an interesting conversational thread that keeps us preoccupied for weeks. (Is this what they mean by the simple life?) Lately, we've been trying to out do each other by coming up with a list of historical figures, who, if living today, would be great bloggers.

EINSTEIN: For sure. That's a no brainer. Blogging would be a perfect environment for someone like Einstein, whose mind must have constantly churned with scientific theory and formulas. Blogging is a perfect format for progressive thought and new ideas...especially if you turn on the commenting feature. : )

It is rumored that Einstein kept a cot in his laboratory. Can't you imagine him reclining on the cot with a laptop!

PICASSO: Uh, no. While the online environment can be, in itself, an art medium, I don't think Picasso would have blogged. He had an enormous creative appetite and was a very prolific painter; however, I'm having a hard time imagining him wasting time in front of a computer composing witty posts or commenting on his art work.

JULIA CHILD: Yes, of course, she would blog. Duh! Yeah, yeah, I know, I know the movie Julie & Julia about the woman who blogged about Ms. Child. However, if Julia Child were alive today, I believe she would have a very sophisticated food blog with incredible recipes. Plus, have you seen the size of Mastering the Art of French Cooking? It is a two-volume set. Obviously, she would never be at a loss for recipes or words!

By now you're thinking to yourself, I thought this was a fiber-related blog? Well, hold your horses (or sheep or llama). The one blogger I would have followed faithfully, if he were alive today, would have been GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER!

He definitely would have blogged. I say this not only because he and I are alums from the same school (go Cyclones!), but because he, like Einstein, must have had a brain overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts. Carver was an inventor and scientist and many of you will know him for his research with peanuts and sweet potatoes; however, he developed dyes, paints, and stains. One source indicates that he developed 500 dyes, many for use with textiles.

Carver also crocheted, knitted, and embroidered. Not only would I be a regular reader of his blog, I would most certainly invite him to any and all fiber events and to share my stall at the farmer's market!


  1. I can see it now. You and George sitting outdoors sharing some leomonade and conversation about dyes. Like George you are a fascinating person, Cassie!!

  2. Beautifully said Cassie!