Monday, July 4, 2011

Some Sheep, A Kayak, and Peter Frampton

How in the world can a blog post be about sheep, a kayak, and Peter Frampton!?!? Easy  peasy, it's the Fourth of July! The weather is beautiful. So much was accomplished.

First, Izaak needed his monthly wormer and a quick hair cut. Here he is shortly after leaving the llama beauty parlor.
I can't believe they did this to me!
Shortly after that, a new batch of sheep (two ewes and two ewe lambs) from Crosswinds Farm were delivered.
This isn't looking so good! I hear these folks are crazy.
There was a major "meet and greet" and baaaahing and snubbing.

Free and 50% off plants finally (!!) were planted after days, and in some case weeks, of frying on the back porch.
Hydranges, azaleas, and some lillies were added to the front.
Trusty Handyman worked on his truck so we can use it to haul more crap, er, stuff for the Chicken McMansion set to be built this summer. Note the do-it-yourself truck bed!

Our "new" truck. At least this one reverses.
But it wasn't all work and chores and cute baby lambies. There was some fun in the sun.
He's not scared of the kayak or water; he's just scared that the photographer
will drop her camera that HE bought for her!
We also managed a great homemade alfredo sauce--super easy, delicious recipe. I just added peas and basil from the garden and a grown-up refreshment.

Nothing like a Margarita to beat the heat and end the holiday weekend.
And don't forget Peter Frampton. He's coming to a venue near us next month for an outdoor concert and we just got the tickets. All in all a great, productive, gorgeous weekend. As Mr. Frampton would say: Do you feel like we do???


  1. The sheeps don't think you're crazy...they came from my house!

  2. Well, the customer is always right Wait a minute, I'm the customer in this case!

  3. I want show me the way, everyday! OMG, Frampton Comes Alive in Riverside. Are those general admission tickets? I was seriously considering going. That was one of the first albums I ever bought, and I do mean albums.

  4. CAS, run, don't walk to your nearest ticket outlet and get your tickets! They are general admission. We'll get your album signed and throw bras onstage!

  5. DONE!! I'll wear the leopard print bra and curl my bangs. :-)