Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Making of ForLorna

It's summer time at Farm Genevieve which means more time outside and less time inside for things like blogging! But we are still here, trying to beat the heat, and enjoying the backyard scenery like hollyhocks...
And new sheep! We're very excited to now have seven Shetlands!

"Some people" find summer to be just another reason to chillax! I think you know the type I mean.
On the other hand, I have been challenging myself (not on purpose) to spin some new fibers. Why? I am a big promoter of local know the kind where "everbody knows your (or the sheep's) name"? But I do have a customer base that likes exotic fibers such as camel and yak.

Yes, yak. I recently ordered up some yak down and was super excited to spin it. However, I was quickly frustrated by the short staple length and extremely soft fiber which made it very difficult for me to spin a consistent ply!
So, I decided to dress it up a bit and ordered some odds and ends from Hobbledehoy. (I love that is so Jane Austen!)

Put it together and what do you get? Yak Art Yarn! Bibibbidi...


This turned out to be a really super cool yarn and reminded me of the wig art of Lorna I named this skein in her honor: ForLorna. Get it? For Lorna.

Okay, so I'm easily entertained...and perplexed. Now, if I could just figure out what do with some horrible camel hair (not down) that I ordred accidentally on purpose. :(

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  1. Bob said if you can't spin the camel hair, smoke it......