Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is HOT Plain and Simple

I wanted to title this blog something catchy. You know: it's the heat AND humidity, lyrics from Heatwave (Linda Ronstadt's version) or Santana's "Smooth" (Man, it's a hot one), but it's too hot to think creatively at this moment. I'm out of steam, stamina, and almost sweat!
The Handyman drenched in sweat after doing evening chores and stacking hay.
We've had several days in a row of near or at 100 degree temps. The weather forecast says to quit whining because 1) it isn't a record heat AND 2) the excessive heat warning we are under will last a couple more days. Followed by some "low" temps into the 90s.

Yes, it's 100 degrees outside and 85 degrees inside.
The biggest challenge for us is keeping the animals cool and hydrated. We constantly monitor the temperature in the outbuildings.

This chicken coop gets a lot of shade, but it is still hot by late afternoon.
We keep an oscillating fan in here and at night the chickens line up in front of it to roost.
We are VERY lucky because the entire west side of our property has lots and lots of shade trees, but there is only so much cooling an animal can do on their own.
The trees came with the property but the ABSOLUTELY BEST THING we ever did was invest in electricity and water out to the barns.

A big fan stays on in the barn. Once in awhile our llama will stand
right in front of it. Of course, that prevents all the other animals
from enjoying the circulating air!
We make sure that there is "water, water everywhere" with lots and lots to drink.
Izaak gets a cool drink of H20 while Pierre patiently waits his turn.
We have a large livestock tank, but we provide extra water around the pasture and buildings. Anything will do from galvanized tubs to recycled (and thoroughly rinsed) kitty litter buckets to a low spot.
Betty the Black Australorp drinks from a puddle made from
buckets of water being thrown on the cement slab to cool it down.
We also put up temporary shade for the geese as their house sits directly in the sun all day. It ain't pretty but it's home.
In spite of our efforts, it is still very unpleasant conditions for man and beast.
A very hot chicken (Mabel) pants to keep cool.
The geese seek shelter in a cool spot under the deck.
Coco and Iris doing some window peeping.

And the wilted barn cats just patiently wait for another hot day to pass.

Maggie says: "Wake me up when October rolls around."
 Stay cool everyone!

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