Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Black Lamb To Go, Please!

I'm always on the look-out for a nice black, wool fleece to blend with my black Angora goats, Huck and Catie. So, last year, I emailed my good friend at Crosswinds Farm and said (in a nutshell): "Dear Corinne, please produce a black ewe lamb for me. Thank you in advance for your consideration." Corinne is a fabulous Shetland sheep breeder and instinctively knows that I need a sheep with great fleece for fiber production. That was that. Decision made. End of story.

Nature took its course and before I knew it, Corinne asked me to come over and examine a couple of black lamb fleece's before making a final decision. "No problem," says I, "I'll be right over!"

Off we went to the black ewe lamb store...

There were some black lambs with spots. Any ewes in there?
And there was solid black to choose from.

Here was a sweet black ewe lamb. I'll take this one.
How about this one? Or was that the one I just looked at???

Hmmm, maybe I want this one, since Corinne seems to like it so much!

Any more black lambs out there?!
Steve found one. Wait, that's not black, but a cute brown spottie.
Cute works for me, too! I'll take one of those.
How about these two little ones? They're almost blackish, maybe more brownish, but certainly cutish.
Well, I've definitely decided which black ewe lamb will be coming home with me next month. Okay, I'm about 97.3% sure. There were at least two with nice fleeces to go along with their precious lamb faces. And remember the little brown lambs that tried to eat my jeans? Surely, they'll fit in the Corolla, too, won't they? You'll just have to wait until July to find out which THREE or FOUR sheepsies will be coming to join the other Shetland sheep at Farm Genevieve. As always, stay tuned...


  1. Don't limit yourself to what fits in the Corolla, I can fit at LEAST 6 or 7 sheepies at a time in my Speedy Delivery truck.....just trying to help.
    I could make 2 trips, if necessary.

  2. What about the big white one with the long legs? I can make you a super deal on him?

  3. Old white knobbly knees? I feel like he's already one of mine. I have more pics of Ande than I do of my own kitty cats. He's very photo hoggy, er, photogenic.

  4. cute!