Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Fiber! I came home last night to find two boxes of fiber returned from the processor. Those boxes of cardboard were a beautiful sight! Just a quick peek and a post about what I have:

From L to R, top row:
  • Shetland wool (Tomas)/llama (Izaak)
  • Shetland wool (Genevieve)/mohair (Walter)
  • Shetland wool (Diego)--there are two big bags of this!
L to R, bottom row:
  • Shetland wool (Tomas)/mohair (Walter)
  • Shetland wool (Ella)/baby alpaca (Tim)--this feels like buttah
  • Shetland wool (Ella)/llama (Daisy)
I use a processor that produces a spinning cloud/web instead of roving. The fibers are more "chaotic" versus roving which has parallel fibers. Cloud produces a more woolen weight yarn.

I'm so happy to have my fiber back! I hope my husband doesn't notice the six big bags of wool that have taken over the kitchen! Who needs room for eating dinner anyway?

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