Sunday, May 1, 2011

Picking and Grinning! Hee Haw!

My husband always tells me that to get a job done right, you need the right tools. I heartily agree with him especially if it means acquiring more fiber-related tools.

I send my fleeces out to a commercial processor, but last month I decided I wanted to do some processing by hand. I searched online for the perfect pair of hand cards.There are many lovely pairs available for purchase, but I'm always mindful about overusing my wrists. When you work on a computer and spin/weave/knit/crochet, as many of you do, it's prudent to be wary of repetitive actions.

While searching for hand cards, I came across a great little picker aptly named "Lil Dynamo". It's so cute! Before I could stop myself, my credit card order one up and here she is today:

The inside looks a little scary and sharp!
In goes the fiber, a few passes with the cover (which also has spikes nailed into it), and...
This is only a reenactment, don't try this at home!
You would only put a handful of wool through at a time.
viola! Out comes some lovely, picked fiber ready to blend or spin. I like to spin cloud, which doesn't align the fibers as much as roving, so this is perfect for me!
This picker has enough weight to it that it stays in place while you pick, but it is light enough that you can carry it around. Now do you see why I am picking and grinning!?


  1. That last photo looks exactly like the wastebasket of hair I combed out of Bailey last night. Would you like to spin some Shetland SheepDOG wool one day???

  2. OH...and funny how your credit card bought some kind of wool picker. I just bought a new slalom water ski! Priorities!!!

  3. Um, yeah, save that dog hair. You know I love my two dogs, but there's something odd about spinning their hair!