Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Big Head Has Arrived!!

I'm referring to my brand new spinning wheel with its super, duper jumbo-plying head, of course. If you and I are FB friends, then you've heard me go on and on and on about it. I was just a little excited! : )

I've always had an Ashford wheel in my life since I learned to spin on a Kiwi. Later, I owned a Traveller for many years, but I've always wanted a wheel that produced a BIG skein. I even tried the jumbo-plying head for the Traveller and a Columbine wheel with no satisfaction. And while my current wheel, my Lehigh Valley, is a super wheel, I was still dreaming about producing the world's biggest skein. And the Country Spinner has a bobbin that holds TWO pounds. Yeah, TWO pounds. Woohooo.

Finally, my dream came true. Friday, "the package" arrived. The entire family was excited!

"Don't even think of opening these boxes before feeding me."
The wheel came neatly packaged, but contained many parts.
"Uh, this doesn't look good. Not good at all."
Finally, the Handy Man got out his "tools" and began assembling all the pieces.
Where did that corkscrew come from? Was it in the box??
Handy Man even read the instructions. His "assistants" were quickly bored by the whole process as no food was involved.
"Um, I have a couple of extra screws here."
And, before you could say "Ashford", I was spinning.

Check out my first skein. It's a HUGE, thirteen ounce skein of Shetland wool.
And if you need some more convincing about the size of this wheel...below is the Country bobbin on the left and a standard-sized bobbin (from my Lehigh) on the right.

Did I mention that the "Country" bobbin holds TWO pounds???
And here is a comparison of the flyers. The "Country" flyer is on the right...or is that obvious?

As a little bit of a blog-o-mmercial, I want to mention the Copper Moose where I purchased the wheel. The customer service was fantastic. I was very impressed when I emailed them a question on Saturday and got a response within a couple of hours. Also, the store offered free shipping and a bonus gift which was an extra bobbin...did I mention that the bobbin holds TWO pounds???


  1. Ohhh, your spinning wheel looks gorgeous! How exciting. I do like your hubby's helpers!LOL!

  2. I'm in love with the Country Spinner. L-O-V-E! And, yes, Zuzu & Dewey are the best helpers ever! They're both 12 now but keep busy looking for duck eggs in the backyard and letting me know when the mailman is here...among other things. : )

  3. Those pics crack me up! I miss Zu, I need to come see her.