Sunday, January 9, 2011

USPS is a Four-Letter Word...

...and it means LOVE around this house as well as FedEx, UPS, and Speedee Delivery. We live on gravel a mile or so off the main road, so a dust cloud always precedes any advancing vehicles. And when I'm awaiting a delivery, woo hoo, I'm watching for that dust cloud 24/7.

So I was a happy girl yesterday when my wool fabric arrived from Dorr Mill. Dorr is one of my, uh, "suppliers" for rug-hooking wool. Now, don't get all excited with anticipation. In fact, you may want to avert your eyes to avoid the disappointment when you see the picture below.

Grey herringbone (L) and natural (R) wool fabric, yawn, boooorrring.
I know everyone expected some fabulous, brightly-dyed, highly-saturated colors, but I wanted natural warm and one cool. The grey herringbone (the cool) will be overdyed and will be simply superb. The natural (warm tone) will be used undyed for my next project that is still formulating in my brain. I'll give you a hint: sh**p.

It was a week of mailed goodies for me. Earlier, I received some handspun yarn in the mail. Remember that post I did about barter being better? Well, barter can sometimes be a downright necessity. My "friend" (read enabler) was in "need" (read addiction) of some wool/alpaca fiber to spin and I was in need of spinning help (read overextended). So we did some flexible math and I received some wonderful chunky yarn in return. Please don't tell my "friend", but I think I came out waaay ahead in this deal.

Here is a quick overview for those of you who know nothing about fiber.

First you take the fiber animal. Remember this pic of my filthy llama, Izaak?

THAT (uggh, how embarrassing) was processed with some wool and made this cloud...

...which my "friend" spun into chunky yarn!!

I love, love, love her chunky yarn, because it provides a nice contrast to my yarn, which tends to be finely spun. And when I say "finely" I don't mean better, I mean thinner. Well, see for yourself.

Zoinks! Looking over this post, I'm taken aback by the "beigeness" of it all. Talk about boring! Especially when fiber is synonymous with COLOR! I really do have a color-filled, fiber life. In fact, my handspun yarn above, also featured in the "On the Bobbin" to your right, is now off the bobbin and being dyed.
Undyed. Dyed.
Of course, being in the fiber business as well as being a fiber hoarder, necessitates that stuff be mailed out. This week, I shipped my table loom to its new owner and I'm about to ship out a spinning wheel as part of another bartered transaction. In these instances, USPS becomes another four-letter word: WAAH!


  1. Ooohhhh, I can't wait to see your top secret sh**p project!!
    BTW, do you sleep? Ever?

  2. I don't think she does. Ever. I am constantly amazed and in awe.

    the chunky alpaca is uber wonderful!!!! I'm drooling.

  3. I heart barter...and "flexible math" (can't WAIT to explore the infamous CHICKEN MATH when I get to have chickens!). Boy, Cassie, when you said you tend to spin fine, you really meant it :)

    Also I think I am in love with Izaak. That picture is HYSTERICAL and his fiber is divine.