Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Farm Genevieve is Alive & Well. And Why I Love Debbie Bliss.

Subtitle: How I Survived Without My Laptop and Fiber Art Heroes.

Sadly, we have been grounded by technology. Our main laptop is in the shop awaiting several replacement parts for some old and new issues. (One of the old issues has to do with a cat and a cup of coffee, but let's not even go there.) Unfortunately, the laptop has all my photographic software, and most of my images, so I'm feeling very sad and forlorn at the moment. And the replacement parts have an unknown ETA due to the holidays and a general trend of low inventories.

Our quest in life is to be as self-reliant as we can, but we are reminded (almost daily) of how far we are from that goal each time we lose our "connectivity." I would not have made it as a cell phone, no FB, no blogging. It's too much to even think about. I can knit a sweater, but I'm no Laura Ingalls.

But, alas, all is not lost. I do have this darling, little mini notebook that keeps me connected at least textually. You know, email and the like. I am eternally gratefully, for I like to be connected out here in the boonies.You never know when you need to Google a sauerkraut soup recipe or do some creative online banking.

In the interim, I thought it would be a good time to write about one of my fiber art heroes: DEBBIE BLISS. Debbie Bliss is the most loveliest knitwear designer. Her styles are simple and elegant. Debbie Bliss takes the stockinette, seed, and moss stitch to the the highest level. One of my all-time favorite books (purchased at the local Goodwill) is Debbie Bliss: Celtic Knits. She even has her own line of yarns, which are also simple and luxurious.

Below is a link to an interview with Ms. Bliss. It's a wee long, but highly informative. I love where she says that she worked in a factory and as a cleaner before getting into the knitwear industry. I cannot help but think that in the right circumstances, ol' Deb and I might have been buds in high school or down at the pub. And, since I've worked cleaning hotel rooms and in a factory (a chicken factory for all of one day), maybe a gi-normous knitwear career is in my future, too. A girl can dream, ya' know.

Check out Debbie Bliss for yourself. Head on down to your local library, where I can guarantee they have at least one of her books. Go Debbie!


Stay tuned. With or without my main laptop, I plan to do a post for Veteran's Day in honor of my father-in-law. See ya'll soon.

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