Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do bad things happen while you're away??

I once had a hairdresser who asked me if she thought her cats got up on her kitchen counter while she was away. I said "No I don't think it. I can guarantee that they do."

Of course, this response was coming from a woman (me) with a house and barn full of animals, so it's almost terrifying to think what happens when I turn my back. Like today. I had to be gone most of the day and upon my return I knew things were amiss.

The first hint of trouble was when I found Walter by the barn near the unattended wood splitter and ladder. At first I was mad at old Walt for hanging around where he shouldn't be, but the blame game moved onto the person who left the items unattended (not me not me). On the other hand, I let the animals out in this pasture before dawn, so maybe it was my fault...aaah see how it is? The "bad-things-we-do-circus" has many characters.

The next sign that bad things happened while I was away was the large furry chicken. Yes, as obvious as it seems to me now, our llama (Izaak) has figured out he can get his head inside the itty bitty chicken door, pull over the chicken feeder, and have a snack.

As luck would have it I didn't feed the chickens this morning so there wasn't much feed inside (whew).
Buuuttt from all appearances it looks like the furry chicken got at least a little taste. So when we got home a new feeding arrangement had to be implemented immediately.

I'm sure this was just a fraction of the misbehavings that went on outside. And inside?? Well let's ask the kitty in the antique bowl.

Or perhaps the doggie on the couch--the entire couch. Sigh.

Home Sweet Home.

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