Monday, September 27, 2010

Mother Nature & FG = BFF

Dear Mother (may I call you Mother?), THANK YOU for the most amazing day. I know, I know, I complain constantly about the weather which caused you to unfriend me on FB. But, seriously, there are days when it is waaay too cold or hot or humid or icy or rainy. You must admit it. But, you outdid yourself yesterday. It was absolutely GORGEOUS and I wanted to thank you.

It was perfect yarn-drying weather.
A warping board serves as a drying rack for hand-spun yarn.
Logger Steve was able split about three cords of wood in preparation for winter heating.
Processing some nice hickory and cherry from a neighbor.
And the "Pasture Pets" got some more mileage out of their pasture although they have started crying for hay.
Indignant Angora goats being forced to eat grass.
If I send another "friend request" through will you unblock me? Pretty please?

I Mother Nature. LOL. TFS. NRN. CU.


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