Wednesday, September 15, 2010

El Grito del la Independencia!

Mexican Independence Day is September 16. I wanted to celebrate by recognizing the role of Hispanics (in general) in the world of textiles and fibers. And, I'm not talking sombreros and serapes, Sister.

You can't say the word "fashion" without giving a nod to Oscar de la Renta (Dominican) and Carolina Herrera (Venezuelan). And, Hispanics continue to make contributions as fashion writers, photographers, etc. Check out this link for some more information--I love the Proenza Schouler design team.

And don't forget household textiles. You're probably familiar with Native American rugs, but I bet you would also recognize the work of Hispanic weavers and the Rio Grande style. Here's some "eye candy" to pique your interest. The pictures are gorgeous and are an inspiration to any weaver...even novices like me. (Go to and select the "Rio Grande Styles" button on the left.)

Handiwork is not to be neglected either. Colcha is a Hispanic embroidery technique that evolved in New Mexico. It is "wool on wool", typically wool thread on a wool coverlet or bedspread, but it could be other things as well. I am attempting to teach myself this technique. It's a great way to use fine hand-spun yarns. This is how far I've gotten including cracking open the book. Since last year.

Attempt at Colcha embroidery.
Have a great Mexican Independence Day. I hope to convince my mom to make some homemade tamales or tostados. And I'm not sure if Margaritas are truly Mexican, but I think I will have one of those, too! El Grito!

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  1. oh, I just love Mexican crafts. The colors, the designs. It brings me so much inspiration...I love it all!

    I love the religious candles. But I see you have a money candle too. I didn't know they made candles for the lotto! I'll have to get me one of those.