Thursday, September 2, 2010

The cat is away this Labor Day

I am heading out today for a five-day trip to Michigan. For a wedding. Always a fun event. So, the husband will be in charge of FIFTY (count them 5-0) animals all on his own. Not to mention that he has a day job. We're used to sharing the daily chores, so this will be a first for both of us. My husband is very capable, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried. Big time.

Will Zuzu get her eye cream and drops three times a day? What if her night light goes out? She has trouble seeing now with her cataracts.

Zuzu and friends.
Will the barn cats get fed at 5pm??

LeRoy, Carnegie, and Target (clockwise) waiting for din-din.
Will the ducks and geese get fresh water?

Indian Runner ducks and Pilgrim geese chillin'.
And then there's the sheep with the funky horn that needs trimming, a rooster that likes to be let out EARLY, and a 17-year-old house cat that insists upon a lot of attention.

Buckminister Fuller--the elder statesman on his recliner.
But, I suppose at the end of the day, as long as the animals are happy and their tummies are full, then all is right with the world.

Walter (Angora goat) taking his mid-morning nap.
...and I get a fabulous five days without chores. And yes, I will be taking a skein of alpaca/wool blend along to knit--it's some that I purchased (shhhhhh)!


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