Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Barter is better...'specially when it comes to pumpkins!

Have you ever had a hectic day that goes totally beyond haywire? Well, for some reason I have had TWO crazy and mixed-up days in a row. Things were so insane that on my trip into town today, I literally and truly had to pull over on the side of the road to make sure I had matching shoes on. NOT JOKING!!!

So you can imagine how pleased I was to see a neighbor pull up in the driveway with his tractor and several pumpkins for me. Not just any pumpkins but some gorgeous (and I mean GORGEOUS) French heirloom pumpkins called Musquee de Provence. I was delighted beyond words. After fiber and chickens, pumpkins are another BIG TIME obsession of mine.
Musquee de Provence pumpkins (seeds from Seed Savers)
After a couple of cups of coffee, I sent him off with four dozen farm fresh eggs as "pumpkin payment." It's always nice to visit with your neighbors (as most of mine live a mile or two away) and it's even nicer when they leave you a gift to remember them by.

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