Saturday, August 21, 2010

Off the Bobbin

Today, the 100 per cent llama came off the bobbin. I was spinning it for a friend--it's his llama, Knight. I prefer a wool/llama blend, but occasionally I don't mind pure llama or alpaca. It just depends n the intended use of the yarn...such as a lovely llama scarf. Here is a picture of "Knight" before it was washed. He has a gorgeous natural color.

Now, with the llama off, I'm very excited to begin spinning MY fiber. I've started with Genevieve, because I just love the chocolate brown color of her wool. Genevieve went from this (in April)

To this....

Cloud, single ply on bobbin, swatch of the plied yarn (L to R).

I'm spinning it from cloud using the Lehigh wheel.

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