Monday, August 30, 2010

Christmas in August

We got our hay!! What a relief! It's always such a worry for me until we actually have it stacked in the barn. It seems like getting hay would be a no brainer, but there can be so much involved from prices to weather to transportation to equipment. And not all farmers like to, or have the equipment, to do small bales. And because of the Angora goats we need grass hay--not a lot of alfalfa.

Farmer Steve brings home the bales.
We have been very, very fortunate that one neighbor gives us access to a tiny field and another neighbor does the mowing, raking, and baling. THANK YOU!!

Our bales are all from the second cutting this year, so we only got about 40 bales off of "our" field. We had about 75 left over from last year--so we're in good shape for this winter as we only have eight animals to hay.

Farmer Steve stacking hay...what a fun weekend.

Whew. Now that hay is taken care of, I need to get onto replenishing my straw supply for bedding and the gardens.

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