Sunday, March 9, 2014

in like a lion...

Winter is hanging on a bit too long this year. March started off no different than the previous three months...

Our poor animals have had a long season of trudging through the snow and ice. I know a sheep or two that are tired of hay and looking forward to some green pastures.
The ducks and geese, leaving frozen footprints in the snow, and dreaming of their swimming pool.

But, you know March, a fickle season of temperature swings, daylight savings time, and the official start of Spring. Almost halfway through the month and the thawing and refreezing is a good sign that Spring is on it's way. You really have to watch out for the ice hidden under snow and puddles...ask me how I know!!
Spring trees have had enough, too, and are budding out. Take that Old Man Winter!

Tulip tree.
And inside? Well, inside, has been a colorful season of spinning, dyeing, and knitting. We're getting ready for Heartland Fiberpalooza (March 22 in Winterset, Iowa). Of course, wool and fiber, go on year round for us!

Here's hoping that Winter truly does go out like a lamb. See you in Winterset!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

the winter that never ends...

I'm a Midwest girl so I've been through a couple of winters in my time. But this year it's been tough. Really tough. It's been a cycle of snowy days followed by subzero temps. And when I say subzero, I mean -15F below. Oy. With the windchill, it's been more like -30F to -40F below. Sometimes colder. One morning it was so cold the house's main water pipe and water pump froze. Boy, that was fun. Luckily, we had stockpiled water the night before, so chickens never went without water.

This weather makes it tough to do chores and, of course, it is tougher on the animals. They need to be hayed daily, have access to water, and checked on frequently when its frigid. We've kept the chickens locked up more than we like to. I think all the animals have cabin fever. I know I do. Eventhough this is knitting weather, I like to be outside and not have my fingers turn blue.

It seems that today is our "snow day" and we've gotten a couple of inches so far. Monday will be our "frigid day" with temps down around -14F. We're all a little over winter around here...

Grumpy llama.

Crabby Cassie.

Chillin' chore dog, Zuzu loves this weather!

 Lamenting Lola...
Mad Maggie, although truth be told, she's always cranky!

And winter weary Walter...

Only 39 days until spring!